The Many Bags of Celebs at New York Fashion Week Spring 2014

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The Many Bags of Celebs at New York Fashion Week Spring 2014

One of the unsung particularities of New York Fashion Week is the vast spectrum of celebrities in brings out over its eight-day run. There aren’t a lot of parties that could draw both Paris Hilton and Barbara Walters, but at Fashion Week, there’s literally a spot for any celeb who’s interested in cashing a check and sitting upright in the front row for a few minutes. In the interest of journalism (or, you know, something similar!), we felt it our duty to catalog the handbags that these celebs toted into and out of the tents over the past week.

For reasons that I cannot totally explain, there was a ton of Chanel and less Hermes than one might expect. Also popular: a bag from whatever designer’s show you’re attending (or, in the case of models, that you just walked in). Below, the bags of everyone from the fashion-famous to the famous-famous, plus a bunch of people somewhere in between.

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Tory Burch’s Spring 2014 Bags Take Us Back to the Garden Party

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Tory Burch Spring 2014 Handbags (13)

We’re already visited one elaborate, fashionable, ladylike garden party this New York Fashion Week, and that was between Kate Spade’s expertly trimmed hedges. Today, we’re off to see what’s going on in Tory Burch’s backyard, and it’s pretty gorgeous. Withe Tory Burch Spring 2014, the designer has found her stride, or at least a stride; the collection is neatly clustered around a clear theme, and the variations that it takes as the collection progresses are nothing short of lovely.

It’s with not-so-mild surprise that I admit that Burch managed to take something that can be accurately described as a “floral fanny pack” and make it something that a woman might actually want to wear, but she did just that. Vogue‘s Hamish Bowles described the collection as “tightly controlled,” and that’s probably the best phrase to use when talking about how Burch approached her use of florals and garden motifs. Where Kate Spade went quirky, Burch elegant. Both approaches are interesting in their own ways, but the clothes and bags in this collection look a lot more expensive than they likely will be, which is always a nice thing for consumers.Although maybe the prices are just going up.

Shop Tory Burch’s current collection via Bloomingdale’s or check out the images of her newest line below.

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Pre-Wang Balenciaga Still Shines with the Tube Round M Bag

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Balenciaga Tube Bag

While I’ve always has a soft spot in my heart for the downtown chic Balenciaga City Bag, I’m also a fan of creative director Alexander Wang’s brand new Balenciaga Le Dix Bag. His designs are sleek, simple, and very ladylike. However, after looking this Balenciaga Tube Round M Tote Bag, I couldn’t help but be more appreciative Wang predecessor Nicolas Ghesquière.

In Wang’s first handbag designs for the brand, we see an occasional nod to the aesthetics of his predecessor, like the modernity and simplicity of the Le Dix compared to a bag like this one. To be honest, that’s was one of the main reasons why I was instantly attracted to this bag. This handbag has simple hardware, like the vertical closure, and the shape of this handbag is structured and strong, but not too bulky. Of course, a Balenciaga bag wouldn’t be complete without the signature touch of the leather0bound travel mirror – an added detail that all of us ladies understand the true importance of.

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Miley Cyrus Stays Upright, Carries a Chanel Bag

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Miley Cyrus carries a Chanel bag in London (1)

What can we say about Miley Cyrus that hasn’t already been said? This girl has been sized up and down from every possible political/social/cultural angle in the last two weeks, but at least she can keep smiling, I guess? (She clearly hasn’t read all those Slate articles about her yet.) Here’s Miley leaving a hotel in London and mugging for the smartphone cams with a few fans. She’s carrying a fun Chanel Logo Flap Bag and wearing a Chanel belt that we’re guessing is a vintage piece from the 80s heyday of giant, gold Chanel logo chains. You can shop pre-owned and vintage Chanel at Portero.

In the past, I’ve accused Miley of ripping off Rihanna’s style, but with these latest twerking escapades, I feel like she’s also doing her best Madonna impersonation. It’s as if Rihanna and 1980s Madonna had a baby, and that baby insisted on only wearing Chanel and Saint Laurent, and twerking her way around the world until the image of her twerking was scalded into everyone’s retinas.

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Jessica Alba Takes a Break from Fashion Week with a Jimmy Choo Bag

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Jessica Alba carries a studded Jimmy Choo bag in NYC (5)

Jessica Alba has been in NYC for a full week for New York Fashion Week events – we saw her at the 3.1 Phillip Lim for Target launch party last week, and she was spotted at the Ralph Lauren runway show yesterday morning. Here she is winding down with an iced coffee and a flashyJimmy Choo Rebel Mini Studded Shoulder Bag. You can get this petite bag for the not-exactly-miniature price of $1,450 at Saks. This isn’t Jessica’s first flirtation with mini designer bags – we caught her with a Ralph Lauren Ricky Mini Crossbody Bag back in July.

I usually avoid snarking on people’s outfits, but let’s break this look down, shall we? Personally, I’m not a fan of the exposed black bralet and funky wide brim hat. I don’t think either are doing her any favors. In fact, while either trend would be quasi excusable on the Mileys and Selenas of the world, here I think they age Jessica just a little. The rest of the look I like – the leggings, the sandals, the bag, the shirt – though I’m confused as to why the top is cut like a 3XL men’s undershirt.

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Tune in next week for an in-depth look at Gucci Bamboo

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Gucci Bamboo: Behind the Scenes (2)

I’ve been so excited to share our coverage on the iconic Gucci Bamboo, from the history, to the making, to the bags and accessories. We spent time in Italy becoming acquainted with the product and we look forward to bringing you along the journey as we share it with you as well.

Be sure to tune in next week for beautiful images, insightful history, and some special touches you won’t want to miss.

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