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The Pandora Bag from Givenchy is unstoppable, as it keeps getting stylishly better with every update! So hold your horses as we introduce to you the newest Givenchy Palma Pandora Mini Chain Bag.

If you’ll remember, the Pandora Bag has become an icon in the bag industry thanks to its unique feature when it drops side-way when you carry it around. Being a hot fashion item, it means that the Givenchy Pandora Bag undergoes a series of improvements to cater to everyone’s daily needs. And now, we are seeing it in a much-improved mini version with a new chain to boot!

This bag of a beauty is made from genuine leather with suede lining and pale gold-tone hardware and features a fold-over flap top with push-lock closure for security purposes. It also has a top handle for easy hand carrying and a chain link shoulder strap for shoulder and cross-body carrying.

Looking inside, it has an interior zip pocket to keep your things organized. It measures 7” x 6.25” x 4” (W x H x D), priced at $1995 USD, €1495 euro, £1290 GBP, $2695 CAD, $3034 AUD




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Saint Laurent Large Charlotte Messenger

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Think Charlotte and the first 3 things that come to mind (well, for me anyway) include Charlotte the barn spider in Charlotte’s Web, Welsh singer-songwriter Charlotte Church and of course, Princess Charlotte of Cambridge, daughter of William and Catherine, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. Never would one associate the name with a Saint Laurent bag, much less one that would look more apt being called Cara (Delevingne) or Cher.

Still, today’s post isn’t exactly on why the bag is named so; it is about Saint Laurent’s new bag of the season, so here goes. Known in full as the Charlotte Messenger, it’s basically the French luxury house’s take on the schoolboy satchel, complete with top handle, long shoulder sling and double front loops that open into a roomy interior. Measuring almost 30 cm across by 18 cm in height, it isn’t exactly the biggest messenger around, but it’s most definitely chic, one that won’t look out of place on that standard white tee/blue jeans/black heels ensemble.


Available in embossed croc calf leather or grained lambskin (both are SGD3200 each), it’s one of those bags that while don’t exactly pack in the wow, I can quite confidently say is one bag you’ll have no problem using season after season, year after year.

Besides Large (both of which are shown above), it also comes in a smaller Medium (those will start from SGD2560), all of which are available now locally in Saint Laurent stores in Singapore.

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Irina Shayk on Vogue Russia March 2017 CoverIrina Shayk on Vogue Russia March 2017 Cover

Irina Shayk gets her closeup on the March 2017 cover of Vogue Russia. The brunette stunner wears a tweed embellished jacket from Chanel with the ‘Sofia’ bra from Intimisssimi. Captured by Luigi & Iango, the Russian-born beauty tries on smokey eyeshadow with dark red red lipstick shade. For the inside spread, Irina poses in menswear inspired looks. Stylist Patrick Mackie chooses suit separates, lingerie pieces and a bowler hat for good measure. Photographed in black and white, Irina wears the designs of Giorgio Armani, BOSS, Celine and more.


Irina Shayk poses in menswear inspired styles for the editorialIrina Shayk poses in menswear inspired styles for the editorialIrina Shayk poses in Ann Demeulemeester sleeve and pants with T By Alexander Wang tankIrina Shayk models Ann Demeulemeester sleeve and pants with T By Alexander Wang tankModel Irina Shayk wears Hood by Air Jacket and pants with Intimissimi corsetModel Irina Shayk wears Hood by Air Jacket and pants with Intimissimi corsetPhotographed in black and white, Irina Shayk gets her closeupPhotographed in black and white, Irina Shayk gets her closeupSuiting up, Irina Shayk looks sharp in a four-picture collageSuiting up, Irina Shayk looks sharp in a four-picture collageIrina Shayk rocks suspenders with a crisp white t-shirtIrina Shayk rocks suspenders with a crisp white t-shirtPosing on a car, Irina Shayk rocks menswear inspired lookPosing on a car, Irina Shayk rocks menswear inspired look

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Photo: @bryanhearns/Instagram

Pop powerhouse Ariana Grande kicked off her "Dangerous Woman" tour earlier this month in Phoenix, and while her vocal chops are nothing to gloss over, we can't help but fawn over all of the fierce lewks that have emerged from the tour as well. Fashionista chatted with the designer behind three of the show's costumes, Bryan Hearns, who's worked on custom show pieces for Lady Gaga and Halsey in the past, in addition to creating bespoke red carpet looks for celebrities, like the one Laverne Cox wore to last weekend's Grammy awards. Read on for our interview with Los Angeles-based Hearns to get the scoop on what it's like to work with Grande and how streetwear emerged as a major source of design inspiration. 

How did you begin working with Ariana? I heard she's a fan of yours.

I started working with her a couple of years ago with one of her old stylists — I think it was right after "Problem." Then I started doing stuff with her sporadically throughout her career, and then we finally reconnected for this.

What was the design process like? Were there any specific silhouettes you were instantly drawn to? 

I worked with her stylist, Law [Roach], and he reached out to me and went over what she wanted, what she was looking for. She had a mood board with these really cool images, and the vibe was really streetwear, oversize and really edgy — like what's happening in fashion right now. The show has really cool projections, the entire stage is one giant projection — so the clothes and the color palette complement the projections. Everything is monochromatic, including the dancers' costumes; that way everything just flows and looks really dope. Nothing shiny, everything is pretty matte, and there's lot of texture with straps and zippers and hardware. 

But it still feels feminine and very "Ariana."

Yeah, we still definitely wanted to keep her personal style in mind.

Photo: @bryanhearns/Instagram

Can you share a short overview of each look?

She wore [the white look] in Las Vegas. Every look has two versions, so she's not bored during the tour — other designers have other versions. I know that she wore the designer Michael Ngo in the white look with the white jacket and pants, and I did the skirt version with the crop top. The opening look is the black one and is almost a nod to her original style. A little more polished, a little Audrey Hepburn, and it went perfectly with the first number, which is a vogue-ing number, so it's all very chic and black-and-white. That went to the all-white look, which was very streetwear-inspired, and all the dancers were kinda similar with the straps and hardware. The third look was the grey look, which is worn for "Side to Side," so it's very sporty, like they're at the gym. It totally works with that song.

Can you tell us about some of the fabrics you worked with?

The black one is a spandex and the grey one is leather, jersey and hardware. The white one is actually a white waxed denim, and it has leather, too. 

How involved was Ariana in the design process?

When I talked to Law [Roach], we went over the silhouettes that she wanted, and I know that one of the things she likes is a bodysuit with high-waisted shorts and a skirt that goes over it. So we reworked that idea with the grey look that I did with the zippers on the side, so it still covers her, but it's a different version of that idea. She was pretty involved because when I sent the sketches, she had notes and things that she wanted to change and things that she loved.

Sketches of the three looks designed by Hearns. Photo: @bryanhearns/Instagram

Sketches of the three looks designed by Hearns. 

You've done a lot of custom pieces for amazing actresses and performers in the past. What was your favorite thing about working with Ariana?

I love to work with people who are passionate about what they do, and her love for music really does show. She really cares about putting on a good show, and she's one of the few people who actually sing live, so I was really excited to work with her. I appreciate that true passion.

What would you say is the biggest difference between designing costumes and ready-to-wear?

I think the biggest difference is you have to keep in mind that people will be performing in these outfits, so you have to be practical, in a sense. Like, even though [the costumes] have a million straps and look like they have a million belts on, it's all engineered through one zipper in the back. It's all actually one piece, super-easy to get in and out of — nothing too complicated. The design [process] is typically the same both ways, but you have to think about making it performable.

Photo: @bryanhearns/Instagram

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Chanel Pre-Spring 2017 Exotic Lizard Collection

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When it comes to skins like exotic lizard, it’s something I know most of you out there will either love, or hate. You know, pretty much like crocodile and ostrich, though personally for me I’m most adverse to ostrich since it gets my trypophobia going into hyperdrive.

Lizard, on the other hand, isn’t much of an issue of me, which would also explain today’s post, a quick look at the exotic lizard SLGs from Chanel’s Pre-Spring 2017 collection. In a variety of muted, almost ombre-like hues in Gray, Light Violet and Yellow, they are finished with hardware in similarly muted hues for that perfect match.


And because there will be a wide variety of SLGs to choose from, here are just 3 to pique your interest for now. From top to bottom we’ve got the Wallet With Zip in Gray (SGD3370), a Classic Flap Wallet in Yellow (SGD3540) and of course, one SLG that’s familiar to all, the iconic WOC in Light Violet (SGD6140). Which do you adore the most?

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Unique Gifts For Him Ideas

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Unique Gifts for Him Ideas Unique Gifts for Him Ideas

Unique Gifts for Him showing fresh ideas that are interesting to give a surprise special. Who doesn’t like a good surprise? Often times this is asweet little things of everyday life that really show your love. Nothing says“I love you” like a one-of-a-kind creative ideas you have been handpickedfor Unique Gifts for Him. Remember to plan ahead and order your gifts earlyand props (such as now) to avoid the rush. With different inspiration belowyou can find Unique Gifts for Him are the most appropriate.

Unique Gifts for Him Unique Gifts for Him IdeasUnique Gifts for Men 2017 Unique Gifts for Him IdeasUnique Gifts for Men Ideas Unique Gifts for Him IdeasUnique Gifts for Men Unique Gifts for Him IdeasUnique Gifts Ideas for Him Unique Gifts for Him IdeasUnique Gifts Ideas for Men Unique Gifts for Him IdeasUnique Gifts for Him 207 Unique Gifts for Him Ideas

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